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Thanks to the generosity of The American Physiological Society, ACDP membership is now handled through an Association Management System on the APS website.

For Credit Card Payments 
  1. Go online to the APS Home Page (
  2. Click on the log-in button (black bar on the left).
  3. Log in with your email address and ACDP member number or password (contact the ACDP Office if you don't know/remember your member number).
  4. Please make any changes needed to your contact information in your record.
  5. Click on "My Profile" under your name.
  6. On the left, hover over "My profile" and select "My orders." That will bring up a search screen. Leave everything as it is and click on the blue GO button. That will bring up a list of current and past orders.
  7. The ACDP order for dues of $250 will be on that list (possibly the last entry). Click on the box to the right and then on the blue PAY button.
  8. Putin your credit card information.
  9. The system will generate a receipt for you (with an APS header).
          Note: if you need an ACDP receipt, contact the ACDP Office and one can be generated for you.
New Chairs: 
Please contact the ACDP Office first with the new chair’s contact information so we can make the change to the records so you can pay.

For Check Payments
Make checks payable to ACDP and submit with the Dues Notice. Please mark any updates to contact information on the form.
You will receive an email receipt when the payment is processed.

(For Tax Purposes, if required: Federal Tax Identification Number (F.E.I.N.) is 52-2100837). ACDP can provide you with a payment form or W-9 should you need one.