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The ACDP and APS seek to support excellence in medical physiology education and, in particular, to provide resources for their members who play an integral role in the development and coordination of medical physiology courses. 

Annual Meeting of Course Directors

The directors of medical physiology courses hold an annual session at Experimental Biology, usually on Sunday afternoon, to discuss current issues in medical education and share materials and knowledge. For more information about the meeting, please contact the ACDP Office.

Medical Physiology Course Directors Website

They also share resources via a secure web site. NOTE: This website is open only to medical physiology course directors. Click on the link below for more information. To gain access to the website, please contact the ACDP Office

Experimental Biology Meeting

Annual multi-society meeting held in March/April of each year

Medical Physiology Course Directors Website

This website includes resources in 10 major areas: Course Administration, Medical Physiology Learning Objectives, Teaching Methods and Materials, Content Resources, Assessment of Students, Evaluation of Course, Curriculum Design, Course Director Roster, Educational Meetings & Conferences, and Faculty Development Resources