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The neurophysiology learning objectives are in the following areas. 

Click on the link below under Resources to access the html version of the Neurophysiology Medical Physiology Learning Objectives.

  • Cellular Neurophysiology, Blood Brain Barrier, Cerebrovascular Physiology
    A. Physiology of the Neuron
    B. Neurochemistry
    C. Cerebrovascular System
    D. Cerebrospinal Fluid, Blood Brain Barriers

  • Sensory Processes
    A. Somatosensory
    B. Visual System
    C. Smell and Taste
    D. Auditory System
    E. Vestibular System

  • Effectors and Command Systems
    A. Autonomic Nervous System
    B. Descending Control of Movements

  • Sensorimotor Integration and Internal Regulation
    A. Spinal Cord - Brainstem Physiology
    B. Diencephalon Function

  • Brain and Behavior
    A. Cerebral Cortex
    B. Cerebellum
    C. Basal Ganglia
    D. Limbic System
    E. Sleep
    F. Seizure Activity

  • Physiological Assessment of the PNS and CNS
    A. Nerve Conduction/EMG Studies
    B. Electroencephalogram
    C. Electrooculogram
    D. Brain Imaging Techniques
    E. Proteomics and Genomics
    F. Gait Analysis

Neurophysiology (html)

Medical Physiology Learning Objectives related to neurophysiology physiology

Neurophysiology (pdf)

PDF version of the Neurophysiology Learning Objectives