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Survey conducted by Donald Bers, Loyola University
July 2005

Overall Survey Results 

I did have to make a few interpretations to consolidate things as simply as possible.  

Main points
78 Replies

Grad Program Type
    22% only have integrated grad programs ONLY
    27% have both Dept based and Integrated
    45% have Dept Based ONLY

Medical School Teaching
    53% have Traditional Medical Systems course
    26% have a more integrated course
    17% have "other," e.g., PBL

Graduate Physiology Course
    ~2/3 have a separate Physiology Course for Grad Students (vs. taking a variant of the Med course), and this was true for both "Physiology" and "Integrated" programs.
    See attached for more details.
FYI, I am attaching a copy of the survey with results listed right on it below.

Physiology Ph.D. Program Mini-Survey Complete Results

School:             78 replies      
1. Do you have Ph.D. program that is:
  35      A.  Physiology Dept. based/centered (+/- some outside members)
  17      B.  Integrated among Dept only (e.g. one big Biomed Grad Prog)
  21      C.  Both of the above
    5      D.  Doesn’t fit in above categories
2.  Roughly (just for scale), how many new Ph.D. students per year join the
   4.7     Physiol Program     
 18.4     Integrated Program (total)     

3.  For Medical Students do you have a:
  42      A.  “Traditional” type of Physiology Systems course
  20      B.  A bigger, more integrated course (including some Histology, Biochemistry, etc.)
  13      C.  Other format (Comment: Typically PBL)

4.  Regarding Ph.D. student exposure to classical systems physiology, do your PhD students take
 Phys   Integ  
  17         6      A.  A version of a Medical Student Physiology Course (3A or B, with minor
  33       10      B.  A separate System-ish Physiology course for Grad students only (Units
    4         5      C.  No Systems-like course
    0         4      D.  A more superficial “Physiol” exposure as part of a common Grad curriculum 
    1         9      E.  Doesn’t fit in above categories
5.  How long does formal coursework dominate your Ph.D. students’ time (e.g., >two 3-unit courses)  (Again a rough estimate is fine, please translate est. into ~semesters please-fractions are OK)
   3.0     # of semesters