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Survey conducted by Fred Romano, Midwestern University 
March 2008

Survey and Survey Results


This survey is to gather information on how your department or institution deals with faculty and research space. 

1. Is your institution ____ public or ____ private?

Public  Private 
 41  14

2. Do you have department or university policies for allocation of research space?

  Public  Private 
 Yes   31  8
 No  10  6

3. Who is responsible for allocating the space?

Who Allocates?  Public  Private 
 Space committee  4  1
 College Dean  7  6
 VP or Dean of Research    
 Chair  20  5
 BP of Research & Chair    1
 College Dean & Chair  9  1
 Chair, Dean & VP  1  



The most common mechanism for research space allocation appeared to be that the college dean allocated space to each of the departments and the chair determined who got space within the department.

4. Can someone lose space if they are not productive?

   Public  Private
Yes   40 12 
 No  1

4a. If yes, can they earn space back?

  Public   Private
Yes  40  10
 No   1  4



In those cases where a faculty member can earn back space it is difficult and very rare to occur.

Most common answers:

  1. Negatively impacts yearly evaluation due to decrease in productivity.
  2. Change of assignment to increase teaching.
  3. Reduced ability to be tenured or promoted.
  4. Loss of job for non-tenured faculty.
  5. No or lesser raises.
  6. Reduction from twelve to a nine month appointment.

4c. Are there issues related to faculty contracts or the faculty handbook?

  Public   Private 
 Yes   3  2
 No   24  5
 Sometimes  1  1


Not all schools responded

   Public  Private
Yes     40     12 
 No     1      2 

   Public  Private
Yes     40    12 

   Public   Private 
 Yes     3       2
 No   24       5
Sometimes      1       1