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Survey conducted in September 2005


  Assistant Professors Associate Professors Professors
Minimum lab start-up package*   $10K  $50K  $50K
Mean minimum ± SEM  $332 ± 29K (n = 28)  $300 ± 54K (n = 10)  $436 ± 91K (n = 9)
Median minimum  $300K  $270 K  $400K
 Maximum lab start-up package*  $1,200K  $1,000K  $2,000K
 Mean maximum ± SEM  $410 ± $34K (n = 54)  $406 ± 55K (n = 24)  $568 ± 94K (n = 22)
 Median maximum  $400K  $312K  $442K

*Excluding salaries
†When only one entry was given, it was assumed to be the maximum.

Survey on Start-up Funds for New Faculty Hires

Institution: ______________________________________

  1. Is your institution ____ public or ____ private? 
  2. For recent hires at the rank of Assistant Professor (tenure-track), what dollar amount did you provide for laboratory start-up (excluding salaries)?
  3. For recent hires at the rank of Associate Professor (tenure-track or tenured), what dollar amount did you provide for laboratory start-up (excluding salaries)? 
  4. For recent hires at the rank of Professor (tenure-track or tenured), what dollar amount did you provide for laboratory start-up (excluding salaries)? 

Comments Received 
We are way behind the curve. But, it depends a lot on how the salary is structured (what guarantees are in place for state/institutional funding vs. grant funding), what kind of “tax” structure exists, whether there is a square foot lab use charged back to the PI, etc. Figuring out what actually constitutes the “disposable”, PI discretionary portion can be more difficult to determine. Still, I think we’re very much on the “light side”, although we still have had success in recruiting nonetheless.

Equipment start-up is negotiated and based on need in all cases.

The Full professors are often more complicated as they may be chairs, center directors target of excellence hires so their packages can vary widely!

We use a good deal of the tobacco settlement funds for this purpose.

[Note on Asst. Prof. entry] does not include any renovation costs that are picked up by the Dept/College (typically $250,000).

[Note on Assoc. Prof. entry] Varies depending on situation---last mid career (Assoc Prof) hire was a spousal hire who had multiple active NIH grants. We contributed approximately $150,000./p>

[Note on Assoc. Prof. entry] We return 50% of ICR returned to the department (25% of the ICR generated) to the investigator that generated it. We do not make this return to the investigator until the departmental share of the start-up package is paid back from the investigator’s share. The department usually comes up with 1/3 of the start-up, the dean with 1/3 and the campus (vice-chancellor for research) with 1/3. The same deal for payback of departmental start-up holds for Assist. Prof. and full Prof. hires. 

[Note on Assoc. Prof. entry] None...they were expected to bring in all of their own grant money.

[Note on Asst. Prof. entry] Our total package is about $800,000 with an assumed period of 3 years. Year 1 represents about $150,000 in non-personnel items. Years 2 and 3 represent about $100,000 each year in non-personnel items.